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To Be Richer is about exploring any of the many factors that contribute to a Rich Life. It can be about becoming a better person, balancing your life in a physical, spiritual, financial and family ways. Overcoming fears or other obstacles. Exploring topics which may be small or large but which may have an impact on your life.

“The only constant is change.”

A Bit of My Story

Over the years I have made money, lost money and made money again. This is not the most important factor of being richer in life. Along my way I have learnt lessons, some of them the hard way and some which take time to seep into the pores of my being and make me into a better person (I think and I hope so!!). And I continue learning every day.

I am getting older and in comparison to the younger me a bit wiser. I  have been lucky and blessed in a lot of areas of my life. Would I change some things from the past if I could, with hindsight of course yes.  I’m not necessarily talking about successes or failures but more about how I have reacted in certain circumstances and how I have treated some people.

With age comes some wisdom – hopefully.

To Create, provoke thought, give ideas.

When we are young we think about being rich and generally this is defined in a monetary value. ” I want to make 10 million dollars”, retire early have all the cars boats flash houses etc. This is a misnomer, happiness does not come from this. Don’t get me wrong, money is a useful tool but it does not guarantee lifes wealth. This comes from other areas in our life. You will or have made mistakes along your journey, you cannot do anything about this except learn from them and do not blame others.

In life there are ages and stages and the knowledge or wisdom we have at the age of 60 should be at least a 10 factor  in comparison to the us at age 20.

“Lifes Lessons,” most of us have heard this before and its true, they are lessons and we should learn from them. If we learn something from a situation then we have not failed.

As Varied as Life can be

In life there are so many things that can impact on us. To Be Richer wants to explore as many of them as possible. Some may resonate with you straight away, others may seep into your soul or you will revisit them at a later stage and some will never resonate for you but they may for others.

The topics that we will cover will be ecclectic for sure and I hope somewhere along the line you will find one/some that may help you in some way.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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